It goes without saying that everything needs to keep up with the times. I get it. I don’t always like it, but I do get it. With keeping up with society changes and the world’s continuously spinning axis, there are always changes that some disagree with while others are tickled pink. In the upgrading and changing of some of the Disney World attractions, These 12 that didn’t make the cut for whatever the reason or couldn’t stand the test of time had my Disney heart aching with nostalgic pain. It is sad when you have such fond memories with a certain person, action, or thing, and then it sadly no longer exists. Here are the Disney attractions that if it is in the cards to bring them back, I would not only jump for joy, but would volunteer to cut the opening day ribbon, or you know, just be there for the occasion.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Please bring these attractions back!

1 – The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Ride 

This one makes #1 on my list of Disney attractions as I have countless memories enjoying this ride with my Dad back in the 1980’s. It was a fun ride that had you underwater peering through a porthole at different aquatic displays, had narration, and truly made you feel as if you really were at sea in one of these guys. Much to my dismay, this ride incurred such steep maintenance costs to keep going, resulting in its closure. If it is written in the stars to bring back a ride of the past, I would love for Disney to bring this one back for children today to enjoy. Yes the film is old and the kids of today probably have not watched it, but it is available on blu-ray, DVD, and hopefully will come to Netflix in the near future.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Submarine Ride at Disney World Magic Kingdom. courtesy of

2 – Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Now this is another one that I LOVED to pieces. This dark ride had you in a car and riding through various scenes from the Snow White film courtesy of gorgeous and ornate animatronics. The ride focused on the story, the preface of the evil queen’s jealousy, and had audiences wondering just when the apple-giving hag would appear. Some of the reasons this ride did not make it for the upgrades was the scariness of the witch. They did reduce the fright level in 1994 with some renos for the scaredy cats, but that still didn’t seem enough for the staff at Disney to avoid giving it the ax in favour of the new expansion of the park and bringing in a less-scary alternative. The witch definitely is a little terrifying; a nightmare ready to happen. The new Snow White Mine Train roller coaster is the replacement Snow White attraction. I must say that I do LOVE the new ride, but my nostalgic heart misses the old witch-hunting spectacle of one of the best Disney attractions. The new one focuses more on the dwarfs and the mine of jewels; there is much smaller a reference to Snow White, the princess and heroine of the movie, the evil Queen, or the story itself.  Although I am sad they removed the ride in 2012, not all is lost. Disneyland California still has this ride to satisfy my childhood trips down memory lane. It isn’t exactly the same, but it is the closest you will get to the original.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Snow White’s Mine Train


12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Snow White’s Mine Train Ride Photo!

3- Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

This one still hurts. I loved this ride so much and would insist on multiple rides just to see the adorable characters from the Wind and the Willows. A toad is a toad and when I was growing up, I loved toads and seeing them out in the garden. No I didn’t touch them and did believe that old wise tale about warts, but seeing Mr. Toad in this dark ride just made my heart happy a time or two. I respect and love the imagineers of Disney and know they strive to keep Disney world fresh for guests. I know that Frozen and Cinderella take the lion’s share of the attention spans of the little ones, but this ride should have been saved for the older crowd who loved and enjoyed this film. Not all is lost again as this ride still lives at Disneyland in California and I will enjoy it once again when travelling there! Although this ride was removed and the Winnie the Pooh ride replaced it, tributes to the lead amphibian are prominent. Take a close look at the first room on the new Pooh ride and see a drawing of Mr Toad handing the deed of the land to Owl. Though subtle, this is a cool tribute to the nostalgic ride. Secondly, Mr. Toad has a stone in the cemetery outside the Haunted Mansion. Have a look the next time you exit the ride.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Mr Toad courtesy of Wikipedia

4 – Skyway Gondolas

This was such a great ride. You could seriously snap the best photos of the castle, see Tomorrowland and Fantasyland from the sky, and feel like a bird in a tree. As much as I loved this fun ride that was relaxing after an indulgent Disney treat or two, I can understand why this is one of the Disney attractions that were removed, though we would love it back. The 4-person boarding capacity per pod, the lengthy lines that wouldn’t probably shorten with fastpasses, and constant upkeep definitely would entice imagineers to remove it completely. I guess I will have to see the castle from a bird’s eye view some other way!

5 – Rainbow Mountain Stagecoaches

Now, I wasn’t around when they had this ride at Disneyland California but the idea of a horse drawn carriage ride just sounds likes such a beautiful experience amidst the magic of Disney. This ride graced the California park’s Frontierland from 1956-1959 with a time-warp back in time to the old western days of horse buggies and wilderness. It was seriously loved by all who experienced them. They had to be removed as there were several technical difficulties with mules getting loose, tipped buggies, and other issues forcing its retirement. Nowadays, I think those issues wouldn’t be as big a problem do you? Imagineers hear our plea to bring them back as one of the Disne attactions 🙂

6 – Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes

Most of the rides that no longer grace the parks are affiliated with a movie of the Disney vault. I get it, but seriously folks, any true Disney fan would know these movies and embrace them to this day at the parks. As much as I love some of the new movies, I get tired of seeing the same darn characters all the time. This brings me to this ride. These canoes were such fun and took you around Tom Sawyer Island. Come on Disney- bring these guys back. Adapt them to Moana or Pocahontas if need be.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Mickey Davey Crockett
Credit: Chris Jepson

7 – Mickey’s Birthdayland

This was a sweet little attraction celebrating Mickey’s 60th birthday in 1988. It closed in 1990 and was replaced by Toontown. I remember it vividly as I truly adored anything to do with Chip n Dale when I was a kid. Seeing those chipmunks in party hats made it all the better.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Everyone’s Favourite Mouse

8 – Delta Dreamflight

Oh the memories of this one! What a fun ride thinking you were in an airplane powered by Delta. This was a fun ride for all the closet pilots in us. This wonderful Disney attractions that opened in 1972 had to be closed in 1998 to appease Toy Story fans. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin took over the spot and is currently winning over many a fan.

9 – Mike Fink Keel Boats

Another Frontierland attraction that hasn’t been with us for quite some time, the Mike Fink Keel Boats pleased guests for over 30 years. Riders would enjoy a leisurely ride inspired by the movie Davy Crockett and enjoy episodes as they headed along the river. This water ride was retired in 2001 with one of the remaining vessels still visible on Tom Sawyer Island.  I know that kids nowadays have not seen Davy Crocket for the most part, but for those who have, this was a sheer disappointment to have it removed.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Mike Fink Keel Boats
Credit: Tom Simpson

10 – The Walt Disney Story

This man was a visionary. A creative. A genius. It makes sense that there would be Disney attractions showcasing his life right in his park surrounded by his characters and ideas. This fun factual experience opened at the parks in 1973 and closed in 1992. They replaced it in Magic Kingdom, however a new feature about Walt’s life is now open in the Hollywood Studios park.

11- Maelstrom

This Epcot World Showcase attraction was such a fun ride. It took you through the Norwegian fjords like never before with oil wells, vikings, and trolls. Now it has been replaced by the new ride featuring Frozen. Now I get it that you want to keep things current, but for those of us who really enjoyed a small window of Norwegian background, Frozen isn’t the way to go about it. In fact, there are so many Disney guests who were unimpressed by this change that they boycott the ride entirely to this day, refusing to indulge in the Frozen empire. Although noble and loyal a demonstration there really isn’t anything that can be done. Protests and petitions did happen and even with those efforts, the changes were made. Therefore, why not just use that energy positively, move on and “Let it go.”


12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Maelstrom Ride – Norway
Credit: Steph

12 – The Muppets Hot Air Balloon

Now this has not happened yet, but rumours are afloat that the beloved Muppets hot air balloon in Hollywood Studios will be removed in favour of the new Star Wars land opening in 2018. I am a massive Muppets fan as you can tell from my visit to the Centre for Puppetry Arts. So needless to say the news of the iconic balloon being replaced by a franchise that doesn’t excite me one bit went over like a “cement cloud” as my father would say. Disney think this through and keep one of the landmark Disney attractions that has graced your skies for more than 2 decades. It’s time to play the music, It’s time to light the lights, it’s time to keep the balloon, on Muppet 3D tonight.

12 Disney Attractions that You'll Probably Never See Again by Fill My Passport
Muppet Vision

So there you have our wish list of Disney attractions we long save or be removed from extinction. We love Disney and what it has become today, but having these experiences return to the world would make it all the more magical.

12 Retired Disney Attractions You May Never See Again
12 Retired Disney Attractions You May Never See Again


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