We are all big kids when it comes to Disney. Go on, admit that you love breathing in the magic and being right in the thick of the contagious happiness. Part of this bliss involves seeing characters from our favourite films and meeting them face to face. We have even taken this friendly meeting further with autograph and photography sessions. But where and when exactly will you find your favourites? How can you be certain you will meet the one character that got you through many a sick day from school and helped you smile on a rainy day? Remember, it all started with a mouse so our Character Encounter Series will begin with Mickey too! Here is our foolproof list of when and where for meeting Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto.

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
It all Started with a Mouse

Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends

So there is no question that you will have the opportunity for meeting Mickey Mouse who started it all. There are several places for meeting Mickey Mouse and his friends as you will note below:

First, Mickey Mouse

Chef Mickey’s

This is a great way to meet all five of these incredible iconic characters. This self-serve buffet restaurant allows guests to enjoy a meal and have greetings from the characters during the meal hour. Enjoy Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy all in one place. Read more about our experience at this fun restaurant here.

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
With Mickey!

2 –  Animal Kingdom – Mickey Safari

You will find Mickey decked out in Safari gear in the heart of Animal Kingdom.

3 – Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia

Enjoy one of the first Disney full-length films? Well, check out Sorcerer Mickey in Hollywood Studios.

4 – Hollywood Studios Red Carpet

Check out Mickey and Minnie all dressed up ready to walk the red carpet right in the heart of Hollywood Studios.

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
Mickey can be found many places at Hollywood Studios

5 – Epcot

There are various places at Epcot for meeting Mickey Mouse in his traditional tuxedo duds. Check your time schedule when you arrive at the park.

6 – The Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey comes out to greet visitors all dressed up in his best Halloween attire. Catch him on this special event held every October at the parks.

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
Mickey Halloween Party

7 – Mickey’s very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey appears in his special Christmas costume these special evenings in November/December. You can also catch him on the parades and nearby for the fireworks show.

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

8 – Epcot Land Pavilion Restaurant

Just like Chef Mickey’s this character dining experience will have you enjoying a visit from Mickey himself. Enjoy a photo opp and a chance to get his autograph here as well.

9 – Hawaiian Mickey

He can be seen at the new Au’Lani Disney resort located in the Hawaiian Islands.

10 – Polynesian Dressed Mickey

Mickey looks like he is ready to head to Bora Bora on vacation here at the Polynesian Resort!

11 – Cowboy-Dressed Mickey

Find Mickey all dolled up in his cowboy great here at the backyard BBQ at Fort Wilderness

12 – Hollywood and Vine

Mickey can be found here at Hollywood Studios. In particular, around springtime to welcome all those guests escaping the cold weather.

13 – Farmer Mickey

You can find Mickey in his farmer gear in Epcot Character Dining at Garden Grill.

Minnie Mouse

For the most part, she can be found in the same places with Mickey! She sometimes comes out with Mickey, and other times on her own either before or after her beau.

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
With Minnie at Chef Mickey’s!


The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport


Daisy Duck

Who doesn’t love seeing Donald’s beautiful girl? Well, here are the places you will likely find her for your photo and autograph.

1- Chef Mickey’s

This restaurant is most ideal for the favourite Mickey and friends gang. Here you will most definitely meet Daisy as she comes by your table for a visit.

2 – Magic Kingdom

Daisy is around Magic Kingdom in various venues. Be sure to check the time schedule for her appearances throughout the park. A fast pass may just be the key to a quick photo and autograph

Daisy Duck!
Credit: Carlos

3 – Epcot

Just like Magic Kingdom, Daisy has several areas around the park where she can be found. Near the entrance of the park, head to your right near the gift shop and you will find her a certain times of day.

4 – Animal Kingdom at the Tusker House

Make reservations here and you will get the opportunity to meet Daisy decked in her safari outfit!

5 – Hollywood and Vine

Come to Hollywood Studios in the springtime and see Daisy in her beautiful seasonal attire and Easter bonnet.

Donald Duck

Who doesn’t love this guy? I remember when I was kid the many many keen adults attempting to quack just like Donald. I humoured them of course laughing at their attempts and longed to meet the real Donald one day. Then I got my chance and so will you! Here are the locations for this popular mallard, along with the chance of meeting Mickey Mouse:

1 – Chef Mickey’s

Yep, see our information above on this restaurant experience and how eating here will grant you a rendez-vous with Donald.

With my friend Donald!
With my friend Donald!

2 –Epcot – World Showcase, Mexico

Donald can be found here in his Three Caballeros costume.

3 – Hollywood Studios

Donald can be found in the park in his very stylish sailor outfit!

4 – Magic Kingdom

There are several places for meeting Mickey Mouse and Donald here.

First, check him out in an Arabian outfit with a snake to charm near Aladdin and the Magic carpet ride.

Secondly, He can be found at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.


5- Animal Kingdom

Here you can find him with his beautiful girl Daisy at the Tusker House wearing his trendy safari outfit.


This fun dog is all around the parks! Here are the most optimal places that you just may get lucky and meet him for a photo and autograph.

1 – Chef Mickey’s 

Dine here and enjoy a meeting with this lovely guy!

2 – Epcot

Goofy can be found here throughout the park. He is usually accompanied by Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy

3 – Animal Kingdom – Tusker House

With Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy can be found here in a safari costume

4 – Goofy in his Swimmers – Cape May

He can be found at breakfast time at this resort!

Goofy on Parade!
Goofy on Parade!

5 – Goofy Barnstormer

Now and then Goofy can be found near his ride the Barnstormer in Magic Kingdom! If you are lucky you just may catch him!

6 – Fisherman Goofy – he can be found at the Animal Kingdom for various Meet and Greets

7 – Goofy in his Usual Outfit–  there are several spots Goofy can be found in his traditional duds! He can be seen in all three parks, Characterpalooza, and at two dining restaurants: Garden Grove, and the Buena Vista Place in Disney Springs.

8 – Goofy as Santa – he can be found dawning a Santa suit at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and at Christmas meet and greets throughout the season.

Posing with Goofy
Posing with Goofy


1 – Chef Mickey’s 

Pluto can be found at Chef Mickey’s making the rounds to diners for autographs and photos!

Hugging Dad's favourite - Pluto!
Hugging Dad’s favourite – Pluto!

And as he is the pup of our favourite Mouse, he can be found with Mickey at the above mentioned locations!

The Best Guide to Meeting Mickey Mouse & Friends at Disney World - Fill My Passport
Where to Find Mickey and Friends At Disney World


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