Disney World is an ever-evolving place bringing joy and happiness to all its guests. It strives to please everyone, while maintaining its classic attractions, variety of cuisine, treats and perks for all ages, and that little touch of pixie dust we all expect. But with keeping up with trends, favourite characters, films, and current lifestyles, changes and updates are inevitable. Some changes and new things may not please the nostalgic visitor, but may tweak the fancy of a newcomer or that patient guest waiting for that new attraction to launch. Here is our round-up of the 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World happening at all the parks in attractions, shows, and more.

Disney World Epcot
Disney World Epcot – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

2018 Changes & News at Magic Kingdom

Being one of the most popular Disney Parks, you can only imagine how it must evolve and make necessary changes to appease the popularity of particular films, characters, or to incorporate new productions and trends. Here are the changes to expect for your 2018 trip.

Hall of Presidents

So this classic animatronics show has finally opened. The refurbishment was lengthy as the park awaited the newest president’s audio contribution to the show. As of December 2017, the show has reopened and is playing its complete show with all 44 presidents now within the performance. There have been mixed reviews on the newest addition to the attraction. Have you seen it since it reopened? What are your thoughts?

Hall of Presidents
Hall of Presidents – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World
Credit: Loren Javier

New Theatre Space

So near Main Street USA there will be a brand new theatre! Construction will begin in 2018 to bring a replica of Kansas City’s Willis Wood Theatre. This new complex will bring more entertainment, shows, and other fantastic attractions to add magic to your visit.

Main Street Disney World Florida
Main Street Disney World Florida – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

TRON Lightcycle Power Run

So this isn’t a 2018 update to enjoy per se, BUT! We have learned that this roller coaster to be built and launched in Tomorrowland near Space Mountain will be opening for Disney’s 50th anniversary in 2021! TRON fans will definitely be happy with this Magic Kingdom addition, though many die-hard Disney enthusiasts have voiced their disappointment that it will be added to Magic Kingdom instead of Epcot’s Future World. What do you think of this decision?

Closures We Know About

It does suck if they fall during your visit, but the attractions need to be maintained to ensure utmost safety and standards. Usually unless there are unforeseen circumstances the closures are short blocks of time, but if it is a favourite, it can be disheartening. To help prepare you for your trip and avoid disappointment in arriving when these are closed, here is the current rundown of Magic Kingdom closures:

  • Splash Mountain – Sigh, This one made me slightly sad as my trip will be overlapping with this closure. The Song of the South ride demonstrating ultra animatronic genius, will be closed from January-February 1, 2018. If you arrive at the beginning of the year, sadly you won’t have an opportunity to enjoy the ride. You will need to Zippadee doo dah with Uncle Reamus and Brer Rabbit on another occasion.
Splash mountain Courtesy of Disney Wiki
Splash mountain Courtesy of Disney WikiNow – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World
  • Liberty Bell Riverboat – This leisurely cruise was operating in December hosting Tiana’s Ice Cream social. But sadly it has now closed with a reopen date still being determined. The last party you can book is on January 7th.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Captain Jack Sparrow will be closing his ship for a wee month Feb 26-March 18 approx. to undergo a few maintenance refurbishments.
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table – This is the shortest closure of all  Feb 28- Mar 2nd. During this time only a few minor adjustments will be made to this delightfully magical character dining experience.
  • Stitch’s Great Escape – Closing permanently some point in January 2018.

Really Fresh Rumours

Most of you i’m sure have heard the song by Marvin Gaye “Heard it Through the Grapevine” right? Well, that is exactly where the following were learned of and have little to no definite credibility. So, for now, think of these as wishful thoughts, dreams that could come true, and quite simply, rumours.

  • Beauty and the Beast World – So we heard this rumour floating around the internet and through a few of our reputable channels. The rumour has detailed that the ride would involve animatronics, a dark-ride format like the Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh or Peter Pan’s Flight, and guests would travel through on the dishes. For now this rumour has only been confirmed in Tokyo Disneyland. But wouldn’t having it at Disney World Florida be spectacular too? Let’s hope the rumour turns into reality for the Florida resort!
  • Overhead Gondolas – this one is slightly more confirmed, but the gondola transportation could be returning to the Disney Parks and the resorts! This includes the Magic Kingdom!

2018 Changes & News at Epcot

My favourite park is going to get some amazing changes, imagineering, and upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, I love the current park, especially the World Showcase, but to keep current and interesting, changes and new attractions need to come. I for one would love for them to expand the World Showcase even more than the current rumours on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Here is what to expect if you are heading to Epcot in 2018 as well as the rumours and news on the horizon.

Ratatouille Ride

So the imagineers have planned a brand new beautiful ride in the France area of the World Showcase featuring the lovable little chef Remy of Ratatouille! This will be a fabulous addition to the parks as so many Ratatouille fans have been long awaiting his North American debut. (He currently only appears in Disneyland Paris). I think this ride will enhance Epcot and bring more interest from the younger generations. What do you think?

Ratatouille – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World


Future World Revamp

The suggestion to giving Future World a facelift has been a white elephant in the room for ages now. Mixed feelings about changing the scope of the park have been floating around the imagineer plans, but finally signatures have been placed on the dotted lines of the plans for this fun and interactive part of the park. The roll-out should begin rather quickly to have attractions open and working for the 50th anniversary. You shouldn’t expect much disruption this year during your 2018 trip.

Beautiful France! Epcot
Beautiful France! Epcot

Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

Marvel fans should be happy with this one. I’m more pleased that it will not be replacing the Tower of Terror as once discussed. Instead, it will replace the Universe of Energy. Now for die-hard Universe of Energy fans, this doesn’t come as great news, but the ride sounds like it will be a huge draw and a successful addition to the Future World portion of Epcot.

Closures We Know About

  • Universe of Energy – This attraction has been closed until further notice.
Beautiful Morocco - Epcot
Beautiful Morocco – Epcot – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World
  • The American Adventure: This wonderful attraction with Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain as your hosts will be closed for refurbishment from January-February 2018. So when you plan your visit to the World Showcase, keep this in mind.

Epcot’s Fresh Rumours

These are the rumours that we have learned about. Remember, they are rumours at this stage with no official confirmation.

  • Coco may be added to the Mexico building of the World Showcase! Many have reacted positively to this potential news while other nostalgic visitors expressed their disappointment in the addition if it were true. If Coco were to be implemented, it would mean a fond farewell to the Three Cabelleros… Mexico’s building could use a little updating and with the great reception of the Coco film from the public, this just may work beautifully for my favourite park.
  • Brazil to be added to the World Showcase – This is still very much in the rumour channels, but additions to the World Showcase would be amazing. I am holding out for an Australia area, but Brazil to start sounds great.
  • Spain- Another country in the talks to be added to the World Showcase! This one seems to be a no-brainer as it was considered in the past, but time will tell on whether this comes to fruition.
Spain – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

2018 Changes & News at Animal Kingdom

Some of the biggest changes in the entire Disney World complex took place in the Animal Kingdom this year with the incredible Pandora World of Avatar opening to the world. Here are the changes and what to expect on your 2018 trip.

The Pandora World of Avatar

This brand new world has opened! Enjoy a variety of attractions including to two very popular attractions: the Na’vi River Journey to the bioluminescent forest, and the Avatar Flight of Passage – a 3D experience on the back of a banshee.

Besides the rides that offer fast passes for quicker line waits (the Flight of Passage can be an upward 5-hour wait at the moment!), there are other attractions within this new world that are worth visiting and exploring as well.

Climb up the Valley of Mo’ara, witness a Swotu Wayä Na’vi Drum Ceremony, and bring a piece of Avatar home in the various specialty shops.

Animal Kingdom Tree of Life
Animal Kingdom – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

Closures We Know About

  • Kali River Rapids: This fun and thrilling wet ride, will be closed from January-February 2018. So be sure to plan around enjoying this ride as it will not be available for any visits during this time.
  • Finding Nemo Musical: This fun show is going to be unavailable for the month of February.

2018 Changes & News at Hollywood Studios

The buzz in this Disney Park is the loudest this year as heavy construction has overtaken quite a bit of the area. And for good reason! The park is undergoing a huge face lift to welcome 2 very highly anticipated lands ready to make every guest smile – Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land.

Toy Story Land

To Infinity and back! This summer Toy Story Land is scheduled to open! There will be three awesome attractions and lots of different ways for you to feel like a toy. Slinky Dog Dash will whisk up and down the track in this fun new roller coaster. The views of the entire Toy Story land will blow you away as you enjoy a thrilling ride over bridges with steep drops. Ernest would be proud 😉

Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

Secondly, enjoy the fan favourite Toy Story Mania ride where you put your aiming skills to the test. This has already won so many fans over and now it will have a permanent home in Toy Story Land.

Our final scores..I hate to admit that I was red!
Our final scores..I hate to admit that I was red!

Another fantastic new addition are the Alien Swirling Saucers. Prepare to spin, head to space, and get dizzy along the way! Sort of reminds you in a small way of Alice in Wonderland’s Tea cups! Enjoy this ride responsibly before you have a meal. I can’t imagine the effects shortly after lunch…

Toy Story Alien
Toy Story Alien – 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Well, it’s no secret that Hollywood Studios is constructing the new and hugely anticipated Star Wars world. Set to open in 2019, this land proves to be out of this world in a galaxy far far away. The supernatural sci-fi of jedis and siths has already landed in the park with various attractions, but wait and see what is brand new and what to look forward to in the park’s newest world.

Hubby with a childhood hero
Hubby with a childhood hero- Chewbecca

Prepare to be amazed with the new Star Destroyer attraction that was made completely to scale with the one from the film franchise and an attraction featuring the Millennium Falcon. For the Falcon, guests will have the opportunity to feel as if they are piloting the ship, and shooting enemies.

Character encounters will continue and a new Star Wars eatery will open to allow guests to try different galaxy concoctions as blue milk.

Star Wars
Star Wars

Closures We Know About

  • The Great Movie Ride:  This classic film ride has been closed permanently. I was so sad to read this as it featured such classic films that brought silverscreen to its impressive level of today. The beautiful ride of animatronics through the history of film is being replaced by a Mickey and Minnie themed ride – the first of its kind in the parks. The Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway is set to open in 2018 or 2019 depending on the construction. For 28 years the Great Movie Ride supported by Turner Classic Movies inspired and entertained millions of guests. The reactions to this change have been both positive and negative with many wondering why this new attraction couldn’t have been built separately to leave the Great Movie Ride in the Chinese Theatre location. Time will tell on the public’s response to this new ride.
Jam-Packed 1-day Hollywood Studios Itinerary
Hollywood Studios

Other Cool 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

Alcohol for Adults on the Meal Plans

What a great new perk for those over 21 travelling to Disney! It is a great way to promote the parks and vacations here to adults. Many are under the impression that Disney and its parks are more for children. Perhaps in some ways this is the case, but this perk strictly for adults, will add that extra frosting we older crowd enjoy. So how it works is for each meal on your dining plan, those of us over 21 can enjoy 1 alcoholic beverage. This can be a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or even one of the special cocktails available at the restaurant of choice.

2018 Dining Plan Alcohol Perk for adults
2018 Dining Plan Alcohol Perk for adults

Hotels that are now Dog-friendly

Yes you heard it! Some of the Disney resort hotels are now offering a safe and happy space for your dogs! Some of the resorts that have jumped on board to welcome your beloved pooches include The Art of Animation Resort, Fort Wilderness, Port Orleans, and Yacht Club all are on board for the pilot program to see if the dog-friendly program will work. This is such a great program for dog owners, especially if finding a sitter for them can be difficult at home.

with Goofy!
New Dog Friendly Resorts! 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World

New Star Wars Themed Hotel

So jedis will love this new development! There is going to be a boutique style Star Wars hotel available for those truly geeky guests wanting to wake up among storm troopers. It will include special enhancements for your stay in the galaxy with themed rooms and other attractions.

Star Wars BB-8 and R2D2
Star Wars BB-8 and R2D2

Closures We Know About

  • La Nouba – Cirque de Soleil: This wonderful show closed permanently December 31, 2017. The new show and/or attraction has yet to be announced.
  • DisneyQuest – closed permanently
  • Wolfgang Puck – This is sad. He is such a great chef! This restaurant is now closed permanently.

So there you have a round-up of the 2018 Rumours and New Things at Disney World. Which ones are you most excited about? Personally, if true in more than just Tokyo Disneyland, a Beauty and the Beast World, would definitely convince me to return to be their guest…

2018 Rumours and News at Disney World
2018 Rumours and News at Disney World


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