So this year we were hit with a CRAZY cold snap. Seriously! Welcome to 2018 Canada with -35 degree weather. When planning a trip, rarely do temperatures and conditions as these appeal to travellers. But Canada does have beauty, charm, things to do, and everything winter you could want for a frosty holiday. But how do you pack for the unpredictable weather? I mean, one day it is freezing, another day brings thawing plus temps, and others have blizzards causing perfect snowman-building days. Here is the perfect Packing List for any Canada Winter Getaway.

Canada Winter Packing List
Packing List for any Canada Winter Getaway

Packing List for any Canada Winter Getaway

Here is everything you need for the perfect Canadian winter holiday.


Parka/Winter Coat

The temperatures in Canada range in the winter time from above 0 degrees all the way down to -40 in certain areas as Winnipeg, Edmonton, the Territories, or even as far south as Toronto in rare instances. An absolute must is a winter coat and/or parka that can keep you warm through such harsh temperatures. When choosing a good coat, be sure to check the warmth level, the materials used (leather jackets without proper lining or fleece are NOT good!) and preferably has a hood and fleece pockets.

Winter Boots

Sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many visitors to Canada do not own or consider a pair of winter boots. It is especially important to choose a pair that is waterproof. With snow and ice, you do not want cold wet feet as that causes illness quickly! Here are some of our suggestions:


So I prefer layering in the winter. That way, if I am in a warm building like a mall, restaurant, friend’s house, etc., I can cool off by removing layers as sweaters or hoodies. When purchasing a sweater, make sure you read the label for materials. Not everyone can wear wool and woolen sweaters and other accessories are quite popular in Canadian winter shops. Here are a few that we love:

Winter Accessories

Along with a warm coat and boots, you definitely need to accessorize with a cozy toque (hat), scarf, and mittens or gloves. Here are some of our favourites:

Ski/Snow Pants

Planning to have fun with some incredible winter sports? You will need to get some trendy waterproof snow pants! They will keep you warm, keep your dry, and cushion a fall if you face plant into the slopes…

Woolly Socks

These are the perfect accompaniment to those winter boots! Your feet will stay warm and dry with woolly socks.



These are great thin layers to wear under a sweater. They will keep you warm and dry under your sweater and when you get hot, easily removable. When on the trails, slopes, are maybe even ice fishing, these will make the experience all the more memorable.


Winter Sports Equipment

Want to have some fun in the snow? Here are the sports equipment essentials for your Packing List for any Canada Winter Getaway:

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?


Snowman Kit:

I just love this. A kit complete with buttons, carrot nose, top hat, and many other accessories for you to make the perfect snowman.





Ski Carry-bag:

Ice Skates:

Pro Tip: If you are going to purchase skates, make sure you buy the size smaller than your everyday shoes!

Travel Gear

So we all need those handy items to make travel easier! Compact is key and we have found many items along our journey that we love and rely on. Canada has different voltage from Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc. so one thing for sure that we definitely encourage everyone to pack is an adapter. Here are our other musts:


Travel Packing Cubes

These are such a lifesaver! You can pack so much more with these and more efficiently. I seriously over-pack and these compensate for this bad habit, making room for all the souvenirs I buy haha.

A Day Backpack:

I find day backpacks to be essential especially if you are doing a lot of excursions. For exerting and contact activities, you are bound to want a change of clothes, tech supplies, water, and possibly snacks and medications. Having a day bag prevents over stuffing your purse, pockets, or having to bring a huge suitcase with you.

Fashionable Luggage:

I love suitcases that stand out on the carousel. That way, you are not mistaking yours for someone else’s and have no fear of picking up the wrong one. Choose the hard frame pieces when you can as seeing how the cargo team tosses bags around is insane. Keep anything fragile in your carry-on or you will get home with it in a million pieces. The hard casing does cushion the throws more so than the fabric variations.

Packing List for any Winter Getaway
Packing List for any Winter Getaway


Here are a few pieces that travellers on a winter getaway should consider. If you are partaking in adventure sports, nothing better than a Go Pro with the right accessories to capture all those action-packed memories.


You will want an iPod or some gadget for music if you decide to embark on a cross-country skiing hike, the new skating trails, or snowshoeing. They will keep you company in the quiet of the lush wintry forests.

Bluetooth Earmuffs:

A brilliant invention, these muffle out the cold and allow you to communicate via phone or even listen to satellite radio.

Go Pro and Accessories:

We swear by the Go Pro! It is quintessential for adrenaline junkies and anyone doing exerting activities where taking a DSLR or regular camera would prove risky. Grab the head gear, should strap, mount, or other accessories to secure the teensy lens to grab action-packed footage.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

Health Boosters

In the winter weather, it is important to take care of yourself. The atmosphere is cold, dry, and dark. Many Canadians and other nationalities that endure winter months take measures to maintain happiness, smooth skin, and avoid the winter blues.

Coconut Oil

A natural oil that is often used in cooking, coconut oil is a god send for dry skin and scalp. It is said that oils are much more effective and better for your skin than creams. Bring along coconut oil with you and douse your skin with it. If you can, wash your hair with it as well. Keep in mind with your hair though that it takes a few days to wash it all out. But trust me, the results are unbelievable. I don’t know what I would do without coconut oil in the winter months.

Jet Lag Natural Supplements:

If you are heading to Canada from an area of the world from a different timezone, you will want these. They truly help ease the symptoms of jet lag. I took these on my flights to and from Australia. It didn’t make the symptoms disappear, but it did ease the headaches, drowsiness, and assist with regulating time at night.

Colloidal Silver

This natural immunity booster, colloidal silver helps with killing the common cold, curing ear infections, minor skin abrasions, and boosting your environment. Buy a spray of colloidal silver and pump a few misty sprays around your plane seat. As the spray is odorless, you don’t need to worry about anyone reacting from scents. This will help prevent the passing of germs around you on your flight no matter what the length.

Vitamin D Supplements:

Many Canadians flock to the Caribbean, Florida, or other hot destinations for a few weeks in winter to rest and replenish Vitamin D that is lacking in the winter months. It helps boost mood, health and other important elements in our bodies and environment. Bring along some Vitamin D supplements to have daily on your trip.

We hope that this list gives you a starting point for your winter getaway! This suggested list is non-conclusive and you may require additional items to suit your lifestyle. We find all these items extremely useful in cold climates and we hope you do too. What do you pack for winter getaways?

Packing List for any Canada Winter Getaway
Packing List for any Canada Winter Getaway


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