When I put the call out to my blogging community for New Year Resolutions for their travel styles and plans, I expected to get a variety of dreams, wishes, challenges, and admissions. I am amazed to see the number of us who aspire in 2018 to explore the unfamiliar within the familiar- our own backyards. I am amazed at how many of us truly are backyard deficient as I coined when I committed to a year of Ontario travel in honour my Grandfather’s Heavenly centenary. Anna of Would be Traveller admits to being backyard deficient and hopes to do something about it in 2018 by affirming the popular resolution of 2018 – exploring your own country.

Exploring Your Home Country
Exploring Your Own Country

Now a word from Anna…

I will explore more of my backyard in 2018

Readers, I’ve let you down. It was only as I looked through my Instagram feed for 2017 that I realized. Every single photo was from a far-flung destination, or at least one I had to spend my precious savings on a plane ticket for. It dawned on me that I had turned my nose up at the thought of a trip that didn’t involve a flight.

But that’s not fair. A trip is a trip, regardless of where you go. And it’s for that reason that my travel new year’s resolution is to explore more of my backyard. After all, I’m lucky enough to live in the UK – one of the most picturesque and diverse countries in the world. Why wouldn’t I want to see more of it?!

London- Exploring Your Own Country
London- Exploring Your Own Country

Despite the obvious cost savings from not buying a plane ticket, there are many other benefits to exploring your own country. Let me share some of my favourites:

  • No time difference means no jet lag! By travelling in my own country, I will avoid feeling exhausted at the end of a journey. I’ll be ready and raring to go as soon as I arrive at my destination!
  • You’re already accustomed to the culture. As I was born here, I understand the need for Brits to queue politely, how to order a drink at a bar and what makes spotted dick one of the best desserts out there. Some of these ideas may seem baffling to visitors, but I already know them. I can travel across the UK without fear of looking like a tourist!
  • No need for foreign exchange. In the UK, I can use my hard earned cash in its entirety – no hefty foreign exchange or commission rates for me!
  • Share your country with the world. As a travel blogger at Would Be Traveller, I can’t wait to show my readers that there’s more to the UK than London. If you travel in your own country, you can also share those hidden gems that most visitors never see.
Stonehenge - Beautiful Mystery in the UK
Stonehenge – Beautiful Mystery in the UK

Where I’ll be going in the UK in 2018

My new year’s travel resolution will see me planning trips to some fascinating cities in the UK. So far, my list includes:

  • Liverpool – One of the largest cities in the UK, Liverpool is a real cultural hub. I can’t wait to visit The Beatles Story, explore the maritime waterfront and party the night away in many of the city’s bars and restaurants.
  • Newcastle – This city was first recorded as a Roman settlement and, as such, there’s a lot of history to discover. The castle and even fragments of Hadrian’s Wall can still be seen here. But Newcastle isn’t just for the history buffs – the quayside and lots of areas of green space will keep just about everyone happy – including me!
Newcastle UK
Newcastle UK – exploring your own country
  • Brighton – I studied at university in Brighton and completely fell in love with the place. Considered by many as ‘London by the sea’, Brighton is a hipster’s paradise, full of quirky shops, restaurants and of course that pier. It’s a must for all visitors to the UK!
  • St. Ives – My best friend is getting married in St Ives this summer and I can’t wait to see her walk down her seafront aisle. The scenery in Cornwall is simply stunning, and there will be beaches aplenty to fill my Instagram feed!
Brighton, UK
Brighton, UK – exploring your own country
  • Cardiff – Cardiff is a fantastic place to visit in winter, thanks to its Winter Wonderland Christmas market, that gives most other UK cities a run for their money. I will be heading to the Welsh capital in December.

When was the last time you had a trip away in your home country? I’d love to hear your stories!

Anna of Would be Traveller
Anna of Would be Traveller


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