So I woke up this morning and was reminded that the first Friday of June was International Doughnut day! It’s amazing nowadays to think that there is a special day for almost everything. And doughnuts are no exception. These little deep-fried sugary treats of all flavours are incredibly popular in Canada with the most doughnut shops in the world for its citizens to satisfy a craving. In fact each province was polled to reveal its favourites. Here is the lowdown on Canada’s most popular flavours.


Enjoy a Doughnut Today!
Enjoy Some Doughnuts Today!


So it turns out that Albertans enjoy the traditional side of confection and would prefer a classic Old Fashioned sugary masterpiece over those fancy schmancy flavours. I tend to side with them on this occasion as classic cinnamon or sugar-sprinkled doughnuts are pure heaven fresh out of the oven and don’t need any frosting or special garnishes. You can even dip these guys in chocolate fudge, caramel, or your fresh cuppa coffee in the afternoon.

Alberta's Favourite - Old Fashioned
Alberta’s Favourite – Old Fashioned

British Columbia

The great Cannucks out West like to play differently and enjoy a Lemon Doughnut with their morning coffee. Perhaps the tangy citrus blended with the sugary icing makes for a satisfying snack. I can see this flavour being very popular as many folks out there love the bittersweet contrast of this sour fruit. I still think I would choose an old fashioned doughnut over a lemon one though. How about you?

BC's Favourite - Lemon
BC’s Favourite – Lemon


So those of us Canadians who must endure and survive winter in “Winterpeg” opt for the truly Canadian flavour of Maple Dip. I am such a weird Canadian. I will confess right here. I am not the biggest fan of Maple! I will eat it on plain waffles, pancakes, and French toast, but combining it with fruit, bacon, or some other flavour will just have me wishing for another meal. But that as they say, makes a horse race! But Manitobans certainly don’t agree with me! They like the classic Maple Dip the best. Their true Canadian blood has flowed free in this poll that’s for sure. Are you a closet Manitoban with maple being your favourite doughnut?

Maple Dip - Manitoba's Favourite
Maple Dip – Manitoba’s Favourite Credit: foodspotting

New Brunswick

The citizens of this beautiful Maritime province and I are on the same wavelength! Their favourite flavour of doughnuts is the deliciously satisfying Sour Cream Glazed. These fried pieces of confection heaven, especially when fresh out of the oven are pure bliss combined with a frothy latte. Although I don’t have them often, when I do, I can honestly say that I enjoyed a little slice of heaven.

The Heavenly Sour Cream Glazed
The Heavenly Sour Cream Glazed
Credit: Foodspotting


So my fellow Canadians living on the rock have the most daring favourite of all – the Bacon Maple Doughnut! I enjoy bacon now and then, but much more with scrambled eggs and toast. How about you? Would this flavour be your choice when ordering a treat to commemorate National Doughnut Day?

Newfoundland's Favourite doughnut - Bacon Maple
Newfoundland’s Favourite doughnut – Bacon Maple


Nova Scotia

My friends out East have polled that their favourite flavour of doughnuts is the newly popular Red Velvet! These deliciously fried treats dyed red and frosted with cream cheese icing truly are an indulgence perfect for today’s celebration.

Red Velvet Doughnut
Red Velvet Doughnut – Courtesy of Diane’s Creations


My fellow Ontarians polled with a high consumption and enjoyment of the Double Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts! These are the first to sell out at the many bakeries and loved with a cuppa coffee any time of day. Would you enjoy a double chocolate doughnut today?

Double Chocolate - Ontario
Double Chocolate – Ontario

Prince Edward Island

For the smallest province in the country, they definitely have a sweet tooth! Their favourite doughnuts are the Honey Crullers! These are classic doughnuts shaped like spiraled nuts and bolts and dipped in honey glaze. The cruller has been a favourite baked treat years and PEI definitely did not hesitate to express their adoration for this flavour.

PEI's Favourite - The Honey Cruller
PEI’s Favourite – The Honey Cruller


It turns out that our Quebecois Canadian family will elect for a Jelly Doughnut amongst the many choices available. The satisfaction of biting into a doughnut and savouring the jelly oozing out from the middle makes it the most appealing to many in the French province. I can see why! I just love strawberry ones! What jelly doughnuts would you choose?

Quebec's Favourite Doughnuts - Jelly Filled
Quebec’s Favourite Doughnuts – Jelly Filled


Our friends in the prairies came in on the poll with their favourite doughnuts being the Apple Fritter! These are just so tasty with a hot tea, coffee, or even apple cider. Warm them up and break them apart bite-by-bite for a truly satisfying indulgence. These doughnuts are sheer luxury and simply delicious. Do you enjoy apple fritters?

Saskatchewan's Favourite - Apple Fritters served with other classics
Saskatchewan’s Favourite – Apple Fritters (left) served with other classics

So, as you can see Canadians truly loves their doughnuts. These are a simple fraction of the flavours available at the many bakeries and shops around the country. Pastry chefs have truly taken the art of doughnut-making to the next level with some of the most unique flavours and offerings on the market. Everything from caramel, to pomegranate, to fudge-filled, to even the classic summer camping flavour of S’mores – toasted marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker mix.

Gourmet S'mores Doughnut
Gourmet S’mores Doughnut


And although my favourite from this list is Sour Cream Glazed just like New Brunswick, I am a sucker for anything that celebrates my sports team the Toronto Blue Jays! Growing up in a baseball family, seeing anything with their colours will have me indulging. Thanks to the quintessential Tim Hortons bakery for this nod to our  Jays which ended up being the nemesis to my beach body last summer….

Toronto Blue Jays Doughnut
Toronto Blue Jays Doughnut


Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Canada
Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Canada


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