You either love flying or loathe it. I have rarely met someone middle of the road on this issue. I personally am not a fan of the task, but after a long or short flight, I know the destination I longed to see will make it all worth it. Daina, the blogger behind Headed Anywhere, leans somewhat toward loathing the ordeal, but only a little thanks to the aircraft cabin comforts. Her cheeky letter to Santa this year wishes for a more pleasant experience with more Comfortable Aircraft Cabins, and in doing so, a reduction in her lotion and gloss expenditures.
Flights to Adventures
Flights to Adventures, requesting more Comfortable Aircraft Cabins
Dear Santa,
I’ve been a reasonably well behaved person this year and although I haven’t technically written you a letter in, well, I don’t even know how many years, was wondering if you would be able to fulfill a Christmas wish for me? I know you get some outlandish requests, like kids asking to be turned into dragons, but I think my request is pretty reasonable and it will actually benefit a whole lot of people, especially those that frequently travel. 
Christmas Letter
Christmas Letter for Comfortable Aircraft Cabins
I’m curious, other than flying on a sleigh, have you ever flown in a plane? No? I don’t blame you, it’s not as roomy or airy as your sleigh.  And you have to deal with being crammed in a metal tube with people you are unfamiliar with and horrible climate control. What does this have to do with my Christmas wish? I’m glad you asked.
Santa's airy sleigh
Santa’s airy sleigh, a lead for more Comfortable Aircraft Cabins
I’d say the worst thing about traveling by plane is how incredibly dry it can be. Of course, I can hydrate, but usually I over-hydrate and end up having to frequent the restroom. Not ideal for a window seat lover such as myself, or my seat mates. And my constant chap-stick applications must make the people around me wonder if I’ll have any chap-stick left by the end of the flight. Trust me, it’s either constant application, or leaving the plane with lips that look more like a Cholla Cactus in Joshua Tree than my actual lips. 
Don’t even get me started with my hand lotion. Sometimes I forget my hand lotion and have to use my chap-stick. Imagine those looks I get. I really should invest in some chap-stick stock. 
And Kleenex stock.  Because you know what happens when it’s super dry.  My nose gets ridiculously irritated. And if I’m not sneezing then I’m applying chapstick. And if I’m not applying chapstick then I’m sneezing. 
Alright so this might be a slight exaggeration of what I actually experience when flying, but makes the air situation no less uncomfortable. What I’m trying to ask is: Santa for Christmas can you please make the air on airplanes less dry?  My skin and seat mates will be forever grateful. 
Your favorite adventurer,
Daina (Check out my Instagram page for more aesthetic details of my request!).
Headed Anywhere
Headed Anywhere
A Wish for More Comfortable Aircraft Cabins
A Wish for More Comfortable Aircraft Cabins


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