So I started this new regimen. I know right – ME starting something new. To those who know me, this is a common ordeal, but completing the ventures is the bigger challenge. So the venture I began January 1st, a mere 2 days ago, was a Self Care book with mind, body, and spirit exercises actions to complete each day. Today’s was a reflection type of day to relax, slow down, and to pay close attention to my surroundings. What a revelation in this fast-paced world of technology and bustle. And I am not alone in this thinking. Fellow blogger Jennifer of the Rainbow Route also set a New Year’s Resolution to travel more slowly and appreciate the destination through more than just a lens.

Stop and Travel Slowly
Stop and Travel Slowly

Now a word from Jennifer….

At home, I’m a pretty relaxed person. I can Netflix & Chill on a professional level and don’t require a ton of activity. However, when travelling, I am the complete opposite. Our ambitious itineraries are overloaded with activities. It’s the world and it’s an exciting place and I just want to see and do everything! My wife is not a fan of letting me have complete control over our travel plans as we tend to end up physically sore and mentally exhausted. Generally, what happens is I make a list of all the things we’re going to do, and she crosses a bunch of those things out.

The past two years have seen quite a bit of such energetic travel. I don’t like to stay in one place for more than a couple of days and I don’t like to sit around our accommodation. On a recent trip to Cuba with my mother, we walked so much my mom ended up with blisters all over her feet. As much as FOMO sets in when I stop moving, I know it’s time to slow down. Moving through things at a faster pace gives the impression of seeing a lot, but when you don’t have the time to take it all in, you leave with the feeling of not having seen much at all.


2018 was originally going to be an active travel year for me. We had plans to do The Dinah and visit New Orleans for Pride, but, as much as we want to do these exciting things someday, it just didn’t feel right for us at this time. Instead, we are going to focus on local travel and exploring nature. There will be more camping and hiking this year than international travel. It’s time to breathe, absorb, and really be – wherever I find myself in the world this year.

Hiking and absorbing Nature
Hiking and absorbing Nature – Travel More Slowly


Jennifer of the Rainbow Route
Jennifer of the Rainbow Route – Travel More Slowly


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