Our Traveller’s New Year’s Resolutions Series has started 2018 off with a bang! For most, putting these little pressures on ourselves isn’t a welcoming task, but others feel that they thrive with challenges to face and overcome. The next installment in the series comes from a wonderful travel blogger named Christine. Check out her aspiration to budget an adventure to the last cent. We wish her success in keeping this resolution.

Money goals
Money goals – budget an adventure to the last cent

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As the New Year begins, I’ve decided to take a different approach than my usual resolutions. In the past I’ve tried some of the typical ones, like “I’ll lose weight”, “I’ll go to the gym every day” or “I’ll run a marathon”, but they always fade away with the first few weeks of the year.

Last year was the first time that I was successful at maintaining a resolution, which was to grow my blog The Dime Travelers with a friend, where we focus on comfortable and safe budget travel. This year I’m taking it another step by venturing onto a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity!

Budget Travel
Budget Travel – budget an adventure to the last cent

After all, I think that the start of a new year is a great time to revisit the last year and look at how you can make the next one even better and more meaningful. There are varying values and beliefs about what truly matters in life out there, but at the end of the day, time spent with family and friends making memories and leaving your comfort zone is what makes me happiest.

It is with this mind frame that I’ve let go of my apartment, stored my belongings and am leaving with my boyfriend for 6 months of budget travel. I’ve already learned that dropping out of the “Rat Race” is actually filled with many surprise twists and turns, but many more lessons have yet to come.

Adventure – budget an adventure to the last cent


Christine at a Spa in Canada
Christine at a Spa in Canada. Credit: The Dime Travelers


Portugal Algarve Beach
Portugal Algarve Beach – Credit: The Dime Travelers

I’ve decided that this travelling is a perfect opportunity to develop my ability to keep track of a very detailed budget, one that accounts for every last cent. In order to accomplish this I’ve had to help from a very patient friend in creating detailed, complex documents to categorize and add expenses. I’ve also been keeping track of any and all expenses related to this trip as they arise, and hope to continue doing so on a daily basis while exploring the world. The hope with this approach is to gain insight into exactly where the money is going. There are many experiences and memories that don’t require any spending; however, there are also many cultural experiences and places to visit that can’t be enjoyed for free. This way, it’ll become more evident if there are any expenses that can be cut in order to spend more on what matters –living experiences and creating memories!

Janie & Christine - The Dime Travelers
Janie & Christine – The Dime Travelers Who will budget an adventure to the last cent


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