I write to Santa Claus. It always is an expression of gratitude, hopes, dreams, and a proclamation of the year’s achievements. I haven’t written one in the last few years, but his spirit does live on through such affirmations and heartfelt requests. In keeping his spirit strong, a bunch of traveller’s professed their innermost hopes and dreams in letter form to the jolly elf himself and sent them to the North Pole. Here is Priyadarshini, author and owner of Glorious Sunrise’s letter of heartfelt wishes for further Safety in India, her homeland, as well as bucket list of experiences including a trip to Scotland and ice skating in Switzerland.


Dear Santa,

My name is Priyadarshini Rajendran. I am a travel blogger from India, currently travelling in the United States.

For this Christmas I have many travel dreams like visiting Scotland with my kids, ice skating in Switzerland, beach hopping in the Bahamas, and even enjoying a quiet couple of days in Big Sur.

The Big Sur
The Big Sur

But I ask only one thing for my Christmas. For Safety in India. Safety for travellers and even native people the way it used to be before by removing trouble-makers from this beautiful nation.

India is blessed with stunning beauty in every direction. Mighty Himalayan mountains in the North, Thar desert in the west, evergreen rain forests in the East, stunning beaches and greenery in the South. With all these natural wonders, if my country were safer for everyone, it would truly be a marvel.

India- Tigers in the wild
India- Tigers in the wild. A Wish for Safety in India

My thoughts have been dampened lately after learning about the attack on a Swiss couple in Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh recently and I wish them a speedy recovery. May they enjoy the country after they recover and not be left with bad memories.

Indians have this mantra, “Athidhi Devo Bhava”, literally meaning “Guests are Gods”. I want my country folks to remember this and treat everyone with only kindness. Every change starts with us.

Also, the media should be sensible in reporting incidents to avoid exaggerated news. Sometimes we see articles published only to invoke bad images. Press people might think only about their ratings and in turn,  sensationalize things so dramatically. This gives the country a negative persona to foreigners. I hope they start making amends and put India in a good light.

Beautiful India
Beautiful India, A wish for Safety in India
Credit: Glorious Sunrise


Beautiful India
A Wish for Safety in India
Credit: Glorious Sunrise

I hope that my wish comes true and that everyone from around the world can enjoy this gorgeous country. This would only result in goodness for the nation. We would have more tourists enjoying our land and spreading the word about its greatness. Our tourism industry would also flourish and provide a better livelihood to many people with an increase in Safety in India.


Also, I wish to be a good citizen to this nation!

Thank you for all that you do Santa and I hope you can fulfill my wish when you are not very busy.

With Love,


More about Priya, the Letter Writer

Priyadarshini Rajendran is a travel, food and books blogger at Glorious Sunrise. She is a passionate globetrotter who now travels with her husband and two young children all around the world. Priya has got two published books under her belt and is currently writing more books. Follow her on Facebook.

Priyat of Glorious Sunrise
Priya of Glorious Sunrise


Christmas Letter for Safety in India
Christmas Letter for Safety in India


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Priya is a travel blogger who graciously wrote her Santa wishes and dreams, especially for Safety in India to share with our readers. All views expressed in the letter component of this post are hers and were not influenced by Fill My Passport.

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