Christmas is a time to reflect. Some people don’t get to share in the traditional joy and cheer. They must face strife and conflict. They must confront their fears and struggles. And in the end, may only feel a smidgen of peace. Dorota, our latest traveller writing to Santa, and the voice behind Born Globals, not only wished for some ticks off her wanderlusting bucket list, but also for a change for the better in this world. Let’s wish together and quite possibly Santa Claus will receive enough spirit to make her request for peace and joy on earth come true.

Peace on earth
peace and joy on earth

Dear Santa

Do you remember me? It’s been a long time since I’ve written to you. In my last letter I asked you to bring me a dog. A cat or a pet rabbit were an option too, plus a set of plastic cutlery so my toys have a way to eat their dinner properly.

Christmas Cat
Christmas Cat

Even though I never received a pet I asked you for so many times, I’ve never lost hope that you exist. I grew up – my wishes are slightly more complicated now. I trust they don’t exceed your power.

As you know I became a traveler. I travel as often as I can, far away or one hour from my home town to the mountains. Even now I’m writing to you from the train. It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’m on my way to the Thai Embassy in Warsaw. I need to apply for a visa, as I want to spend 7 weeks in Thailand at the beginning of next year.

Thailand beach
Thailand beach

I thought for a long time what to ask you for in this letter.

I had many travel-related ideas. I would love you to help me visit all the outstanding countries on my bucket list which exceed my budget for now. Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia… crap, I’d even love to visit you up there in Lapland, just please start the fire in the fireplace before I freeze my butt off.

Christmas Wishes
Christmas Wishes for peace and joy

But then I thought again. I will eventually go to all these countries without your help. It will require some effort. I’d have to find a better-paying job or finally start my own business to which I’ve been thinking about for so long. I could also save up more, stop eating out or drinking craft beers every second day  (but what’s the sense of life without craft beers?!).

I decided I’ll have a different wish this year.

You know my goal is to volunteer on every continent. I’ve done that in Russia, in the USA and I will do it in Thailand now too. There is always someone to help in all places I go to, even in such a developed country like the USA. I haven’t been brave enough to visit the places which need help the most. The least developed countries, the poorest ones. The ones at war. And you know what I’d like to ask you for?


I’d like you to change the world.

I wish I could live in a world where nobody is worried or their life is in danger. In a world where I buy a flight ticket to Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan – and all I discover there is interesting culture, outstanding architecture, breathtaking nature and smiling people. Not destroyed, burnt down cities.

I wish I could live In a world where I can cross some of the more dangerous borders – hardly even noticing a difference. In a world where I can go to any African country without hearing gun shots close by.

If you can Santa, please make it happen. As a Christmas gift for me and for all the people who suffer. I guess it all comes to love and understanding other people. Don’t we have a season of love and understanding (merry Christmas, everyone) right now?

Wish for Peace on Earth
Wish for peace and joy

If this is too much to ask from you, I have another suggestion. You will visit a lot of people this Christmas. Along with a gift, breathe a little love into them. Tell them that as a thank you for the gift, they should do something good for people around them. Let’s spread the good step by step.

Oh, and if you go for a gift instead of changing the whole world for me, remember about Iceland, Norway, New Zealand or Australia. The third cat would be good too. There’s never enough of cat love.



Dorota -
Credit: Born Globals


Peace and Joy
Peace and Joy


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Dorota is a travel blogger who graciously wrote her Santa wishes and dreams to share with our readers. All views expressed in the letter component of this post are hers and were not influenced by Fill My Passport.

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