Christmas letters to Santa are infused with so many different wishes. It must be amazing to read the writing of a child, the writing of a believer, the writing of someone with dreams. Santa lives in all of us who have Christmas spirit. The dreams and hopes over the season remain within us for the upcoming 11 months before we rejuvenate our souls with ever utterance of “Ho Ho Ho.” Our Santa letter series from travellers has been a true success. They have demonstrated the continuous strength in our belief in Santa Claus and all he represents. The next one is from Amy of the Gypsy Mamas site. She expresses her wish to St Nicholas for her kids to have wanderlust. As a fellow traveller, I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect. Read on…

Christmas Wish for Kids Wanderlust
Christmas Wish for kids to have wanderlust

Santa, my dear,

I hope this note finds you well. I know how terribly busy you are this time of year, packing your sleigh, running that treadmill anticipating delicious cookies, checking your lists and making flight plans with your reindeer. I know it’s been a few (ahem, or many) years since my last letter, and for that I apologize.  You were always so very generous with my stocking. Remember that first old Nikon you slipped under the tree when I was eight? I bet you didn’t anticipate that camera would occupy a nearly permanent place around my neck as I tried to document every magical sunbeam and the way the snowflakes glinted just so in the mornings. Really, Santa, you started this whole picture-taking craze that’s followed me into my adult years.

Camera Gear
Camera Gear

Hopefully I’m still on your nice list. I’ve been trying my best to spread good cheer to every little corner of the globe we visit, and to work on my patience, even when luggage with my very last pair of contact lenses gets routed accidentally to Morocco, never to be seen again. I know I can get a little crazy every now and then, and I fully admit to over-planning our trips and running my family a bit ragged (but in my defense, when presented with feeding iguanas, learning to make chocolate or hiking to ancient temples swallowed up by rain forest, really, how can you pass one of those up?!).

Wouldn't you like to Feed him?
Wouldn’t you like to Feed him?

So, Santa, here’s my humble request. My kids are getting older (hopefully you’ll get at least a few more letters out of them).  Please nurture that wanderlust in them, always ready to pack an adventure bag to see what’s over that next mountain. Help them to realize how very special it is to make a connection with someone in another country, to trade a bit of history and language and culture, to see the world through their eyes, and to keep in touch even when hundreds of miles separate you. Please keep them excited to travel with their parents and explore the world, even when they’d rather play soccer or spend the day in sweats on the couch.  And if you could magically inhibit their newfound ability to eye-roll, I’d be forever grateful.

Ignite Kids' Wanderlust
Want My kids to have wanderlust

P.S. – Any chance you can convince my husband that Cambodia is a perfectly lovely place to spend a few weeks? It just may entice my kids to have wanderlust…


Merry Christmas,



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