2018 has proven so far to be a good one all around! Perhaps it is due to diligent folk out there attempting to keep their New Year’s Resolutions! Here is the latest of our Travellers’ New Year’s Resolutions series from Scott and Hayley of International Hotdish. They aspire to revisit travel budgets, read more, and to meet new people this year.

Travellers' New Year Resolutions
Travellers’ New Year Resolutions – Meet New People This Year for one.

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Now that 2017 has become another page in the history books, 2018 presents itself as a clear line in the sand for resolutions. Ideally, any day is a good day to start your resolution. The start of a New Year, however, has the clean feeling of a blank slate, which is why so many folks like it. Anyway, on to our resolutions.

Travel Budget

First and foremost of importance is our travel budget. Without it our adventure would surely be cut short. But it isn’t always enough to skimp on spending money wherever possible. The point of traveling is to have truly memorable experiences. Sometimes that means spending a little more money than your comfortable with for a once in a lifetime experience. In my case, I often push the boundaries of acceptable thriftiness, venturing into “cheap” territory. So, in 2018 I will loosen our purse strings a little more in order to pay for some of those amazing experiences I normally would have foregone.

Travel Budget
Travel Budget and aspire to Meet New People This Year

Meet new people

We must, simply put, meet new people. As a husband/wife duo we spend all of our time together. We’ve gotten to learn a lot about each other and we can tell when each other needs some time alone. It’s been a great learning experience. The downside, however, is that while traveling with someone you’re familiar with 24 hours a day, it’s easy to fall into a routine and not get out of your comfort zone and meet new folks. This year we’ll find more group activities to participate in and maybe stay in a few hostels like the good old days. Or maybe not – we aren’t 22 anymore. At the very least we’ll find some folks through Meetup.com.

Meet people abroad
Meet New People This Year

Read More

This is my favourite one. I already love to read but it’s mostly current events or fantasy. With all this travelling I know I need to get going on reading more local history and culture of the countries we visit. I almost always find the unique aspects of culture enthralling and worth experiencing. At the very least, reading about our destinations gives me more background and conversation topics for when we meet with locals.

Travel books
Travel books and to Meet New People This Year

2018, here we come!

Scott and Hayley
Scott and Hayley
Credit: International Hotdish


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