I can totally relate to this resolution. It took a reminder from my family of my Grandfather’s 100th birthday and his constant questioning of my travels abroad for me to cave and begin exploring my backyard, admitting openly to my backyard deficiency. He pondered and pondered my reasons for not exploring my own backyard and now I am making him proud with a year of local tourism. I am glad to see that I am not alone with this geographical shortcoming. It is quite easy as a travel writer to be backyard deficient as I say- being more knowledgeable of countries other than your home. Check out the latest affirmed resolutions to Explore the USA More this Year sent through from Kaivalagi of the Last Kodiak.
National Bird of the USA - The Bald eagle
National Bird of the USA – The Bald eagle – explore the USA more this year


Every year is a new opportunity to do something valuable in life. Different people have different goals but one of mine for 2018 is to travel within my own country. Having travelled globally for over a decade to dozens of countries, I want to see America just like I have seen Fiji and the Philippines. I firmly believe the United States has many gems that we overlook because of familiarity.

Finger Lakes New York
Finger Lakes New York – explore the USA more this year

The struggle is many of us think the only place to visit as a tourist are the Redwoods, Grand Canyon and Smoky Mountains. However, there are many things we miss on the side streets of Main Street USA. Many of these small towns have amazing things to experience and we just don’t stop to realize it. I want to change that in 2018 .

Grand canyon
Grand canyon – explore the USA more this year

When we become more aware of the barbecue houses, the jazz bars, the air shows, and the fine arts; we will embrace a different nation that we once thought of. It is sad that many people think we have little culture only because we have not taken the time to understand our way of life. It is important to me that I come to see America for its glory.

I am looking forward to taking some time this year to learn about my heritage. I want to know about Walt Disney and his roots, influence of blues on popular opinion, how Huckleberry Finn changed the political views on imperialism, etc. Jesse James is from my hometown but I don’t know as much as I should about him. I want to change that.
Disney World
Walt Disney – explore the USA more this year


For me, it is about personal enrichment and becoming a better citizen. I want to understand who I am as an American. I hope that everyone takes the time to get to known their heritage, history and culture no matter where they are from.


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