When watching “Miracle on 34th Street,” (one of my absolute favourite festive films in the world), I cannot help but giggle with each viewing at the scene the judge gets buried in a mountain of letters to Santa Claus. Such a heartwarming scene that shows the spirit and joy believers from all around the world have for what the season represents. The next letter from the travel writing community we are sharing comes from Amanda. This wonderful writer hailing from Western Australia is the voice behind the wonderful interactive podcast Not a Ballerina. Read below her professed wishes to Santa for a cooler season, a magical meet-up with her global interviewees, and A Trip to the North Pole with her family.

Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer and Wishes for A Trip to the North Pole

Dear Santa,

Hope you’re well, it’s been a while. Not sure if you remember me, but I came to meet you in your village near Rovaniemi in Finland twelve Christmases ago. I was most impressed at your language skills, because while I waited in line to meet you, I heard you speak Finnish, Spanish and Italian, and you switched into English when I appeared without any problem at all. You even knew enough about Australia to know which side Perth was on. 

Visiting Santa in Lapland, Finland
A Trip to the North Pole Visiting Santa in Lapland, Finland

When I met you then, the thing I had on my Christmas list was a not-too-cold winter in Germany, where I was living at the time. You promised me that, and even came through for me, so thank you! Now I’ve got a couple of other things I’d love to ask for, please, although I don’t expect them all at once:

1. For this Christmas, I’d like to ask for kind of the opposite to last time. I’m living back in Western Australia now, and sometimes Christmas Day can be really, really hot (over 40C, or well over 100F), and that can be a bit unpleasant. Could you grant me a relatively cool Christmas, please?

Western Australia
Western Australia

2. One day, I’d like to bring my son to meet you up there in Finnish Lapland. He’s seven now, and has never seen proper snow, so we’d have to come and visit you in winter and have the full white experience, please!

Santa Claus
Meeting Santa Claus after A Trip to the North Pole

3. Now this is a big one, but I’m going to ask, because you’re Santa and anything is possible, right? So, I run this podcast, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, and I get to talk to really cool people who love travelling as much as I do. I have this big fantasy that one day, I could have a huge party – I don’t mind where in the world it is – and bring together all the people I’ve interviewed so we could all talk travel together. So far I’ve interviewed about 80 people, so do you think you could find a way to bring us all to the same place some time? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Meet Interviewees from Around the World
Meet Interviewees from Around the World

Anyway, I hope all your elves and helpers are doing well and that your reindeer are getting in training ready for the big night. Can’t wait to see you again some day!

With lots of Christmas love,


Amanda and Santa
Amanda and Santa
Credit: Not a Ballerina
A wish for a Trip to the North Pole
A wish for a Trip to the North Pole


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Amanda is a travel blogger who graciously wrote her Santa wishes and dreams to share with our readers. All views expressed in the letter component of this post are hers and were not influenced by Fill My Passport.

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