We all have hopes and dreams. It is human nature. We cannot expect them to align, agree, or be the same. And that is the magic behind writing heartfelt letters to Santa Claus – the one figure, spirit, image of Christmas who human kind believes can work his magic to come true. Natalie of the Educational Tourist has a dream. A selfless one. One that hopefully Santa can pull off for historians, travellers, and dreamers who seek ancient advice from the auras her request represents. So please read on below of Natalie’s wish for Caryatid to return to Athens, its original home.
Christmas Wish
Christmas Wish for Caryatid to return to Athens
Dear Santa,
Since you have watched over me since I was a little girl, I know you are aware of how I share your love for travel. Instead of seeing the entire world in one night like you do, I spend a few weeks in one location. Each destination has been interesting and fantastic and I feel lucky to get to see each one.
Santa Sleigh
Santa Sleigh
This year I would like to share my Christmas wish with one of those destinations. What I want for Christmas this year is a return of Greece’s artifacts to their original home in Athens. While artifacts from Greece have found their way all over the world, the one I’d like to see returned the most is the caryatid from the Erechtheion on Athen’s acropolis.
Acropolis, Athens Greece
A wish for Caryatid to return to Athens. The Acropolis
For thousands of years she stood watch, silently standing guard over the temples and all of Athens beneath her feet. People have lived, loved, and lost…. all within her sight. Then, one day she was taken from her post to the far away country of England. She waits, all alone in the British Museum, to return to the spot of her birth, the spot where she longs to be, the spot where she needs to be – in Athens.
British Museum - Current Home
British Museum – Current Home of Caryatid
England thinks they are keeping her safe, and maybe they are, but what is safety if you can’t belong? What is safety if you are not fulfilling your destiny? What is safety if you are lonely? 
caryatids where they belong - Athens
Caryatid to return to Athens, where they belong. This is their rightful home.

I have no idea how you can manage this return because there are many people who feel strongly she needs to stay in England. But Santa, I know you are magic, and fulfill the wishes of many and I hope you can give me my Christmas wish this year and bring home the missing caryatid. There is an empty spot waiting for her in the Acropolis museum.

Natalie posing with Caryatid
Natalie posing with Caryatid
Credit: The Educational Tourist


Caryatid to Return to Athens
Caryatid to Return to Athens


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