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Hi Bloggers, travel writers, and aspiring creatives out there! It is marvelous that you have landed on this page as it means you want to be a part of Fill My Passport’s literary magic. Well, that is fine and dandy and we are so excited at your enthusiasm to devote time to such a task.

However, in doing so, we do have a few guidelines that we wish any prospective guest writers to follow. As Fill My Passport is a brand, we must ensure it is maintained in all published content.

So without further ado, here are our guidelines and requirements for your reading pleasure:

Get Ready to Write
Get Ready to Write

First and Foremost

If you write a guest post for us, we can offer a link back to your site, and social shares through our channels. Sadly we cannot offer any monetary remuneration at this time. Now that that is out of the way and if you are cool with this, keep reading 🙂


Our Niche, Our Style, And all that Jazz..

Fill My Passport fits comfortably in the blogosphere at the moment with ever-growing traffic and notoriety. As of July 2017, we have a DA of 31 and PA of 43. This is a big deal as we aim to grow this number the fastest speed possible. With this, we take pride in the content we post and do our utmost best to remain aligned with our niche and target audience.

We are a one-stop resource for city breaks, romantic getaways, alternative adventure honeymoons, and Disney planning. We are NOT solo travellers, nomadic explorers, expats, or country/region specific. We consider road trips and long weekends away heavenly and the perfect holidays to highlights at the same level as a 5-month around the world journey.

So sorry folks who wish to write about digital lifestyle, budget travel (we have a few exceptions to this), or anything that does not match our niche; we will not accept your pitches.


Style, Voice, and the Boring Regulations

Here are the guidelines to keep in mind when writing your accepted pitch idea:

  1.  We like informative prose that screams experienced traveller who actually went to the destination and is knowledgeable to write about it. We may accept a researched post for our Dream Trips section, but only if we truly do wish to go there and have not been there personally.
  2. As must as we love listicles, we would prefer an itinerary style guide for cities or towns, and thorough description and detail for activities or excursions. Things we expect in our city guides are attractions a first-timer should not miss, tips on getting around easily, a bit of history to the place or quirky facts, and more. You know, the type of information you would want on your first time visiting a particular place. We want our readers interested and informed without finding gaps requiring them to search somewhere else for the missing info.
  3.  If possible, please provide high-res, good quality, Instagram-worthy images that are YOURS. Please do not steal images, copy from Google without proper credit references, or submit crap that is blurry, dark, irrelevant, offensive, or that may be outdated.There are many free stock photo sites as well as places to purchase photographs. We will not reimburse for purchased photos so that expense is entirely your choice. Your picture needs repair? Picmonkey is a cheap alternative to Photoshop and costs a mere $30 for a year. And just so you know, lawsuits or court threats for copyright infringement would NOT be fun for us to receive- the last thing YOU will want is our bill for our legal fees…Just sayin’
  4. SEO your post like crazy! Make sure you fully understand the message and the voice of your post and ensure the keywording and SEO within it is top-notch.
  5. Here are topics to keep in mind that would be relevant to our readership:
    • City Breaks
    • Long Weekend trips
    • Foodie Bucket Lists for Cities and Towns
    • City Guides
    • Romantic Activities in a particular City
    • Adventure Honeymoon recommendations (No All-inclusive resorts please)
    • London-specific recommendations
    • Ontario-specific recommendations
    • Disney Travel


Once your Idea is Accepted….

If you have passed our decision process, these are the steps to follow ensuring a guest post is created to our liking:

  1. Content is Original. We will check for plagiarism.
  2. No verbatim copy and pasting from your site or someone else’s. As you may or may not know, Google penalizes for duplicate content and we wouldn’t want that now would we…
  3. We like posts between 1000-2000 words in order to be accepted. We will take less than 1000 words, however, this is an exception.
  4. We will require a bio and a photograph of yourself to include at the bottom of the post. The bio should be 50-100 words. Photo – professional. No selfies or duck faces are acceptable!
  5. Your Social links can either be from Facebook (your business page, no personal pages), Twitter, or Instagram. I do not share Pinterest accounts or YouTube.
  6. As noted above, please send through photographs per our guidelines. If we are not happy with the photos you submit or you are unable due to circumstances at the activity (like photos are not allowed in a spa etc.) than we will choose our own at our discretion.
  7. Should we require edits to your post, we reserve the right to do so to ensure the voice and niche alignment are met. This may also happen to include affiliate links, internal links, and SEO implementation.
  8. We will add the publish date to our editorial calendar and advise you accordingly when it has gone live on the site.

Show Us Your Ideas!

If the above didn’t phase you and you think you have the best idea for Fill My Passport, please send us a pitch at inquiries@fillmypassport.net. We will get back to you within 72 hours (3 business days) with our decision.

Thanks so much for your interest in contributing to our site! We are looking forward to your great ideas!

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